Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Review for Gion apartment 1W

This customer stay at Gion apartment 1 from Nov.24th to Dec.8th.
He send us some remark .

Gion apartment 1W

Thank you for bringing the bed linen; it was really important for a

two-week stay. At that time of year it was difficult for washing to dry,

so spare towels would also have been useful, but we coped. The kitchen

light was annoying, but we coped and the heating was adequate for our

stay. The iron you kindly supplied did not work and my friend at first

thought it was a child's toy!

Without knowing your regular clients (Japanese or non-Japanese?) it is

difficult to make further comments, but if I could add a few suggestions

for what would have made our stay even better?

1. Bedside lights (電気スタンド) would be good.

2. Extra cutlery & plates.

3. Some more recycling bags? Some days the recycling was taken away too

early for us - even though we put things out within the time limit...

4. Dust-pan and brush for simple cleaning.

5. A small mop to wipe the floors.

Thank you for your helpful suggestion.
We are trying to keep up the quality of our services.

Kyoto stay club